Day 2 of Google’s I/O Conference

500x google tv froyo 1 Day 2 of Google’s I/O Conference

What’s new at the I/O conference? How about Google TV and Android 2.2?! Let’s start with Google TV. So, Google TV is an operating system that television makers will be able to have installed on their hardware. So far, there are only 3 ways you’ll be able to use Google TV. The first is a Logitech STB. The second is a select few of Sony’s TVs and one of their Blu-ray players. The third is a box from DISH. Not only will Google TV work with this new hardware, but it will work alongside your current configuration. Learn more about Google TV here:


froyo Day 2 of Google’s I/O Conference

The next major announcement at day 2 of I/O is Android 2.2 (Froyo). Android 2.2 is all about the speed. Sure there’s a refined interface, and some other new features like tethering, but Froyo is supposed to be 2-5 times faster than 2.1! Oh, and one more thing…Flash. Yes that’s right, Android 2.2 supports Adobe Flash 10.1. To learn more about Froyo, visit

Also, learn about ALL of the announcements from today at

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