Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Net Review


image8 Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Net Review

The Seagate GoFlex system is very useful for people with an on-the-go lifestyle. Sometimes we can’t always take our hard drives with us for various reasons and that’s where the SeaGate FreeAgent GoFlex Net comes in. This product docks two GoFlex Ultra-Portable hard drives and one USB external drive and makes them accessible anywhere via it’s Ethernet connectivity to the internet. It costs $99, but is it worth buying?

The Good

Has a very nice design, only costs $99, has a very good online interface, can support 2 ultra-portable hard drives and one external USB drive, uses the Pogo Plug software.

The Bad

Only has one port for external USB drives, scratches easily.


The FreeAgent GoFlex Net is a great product, if you have a GoFlex ultra-portable hard drive. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend buying a GoFlex Net unless you have one of these awesome little drives. If you already have one of these drives, I would highly recommend getting the Seagate Net. It has a great web interface powered by the Pogo Plug software, and looks great with drives in it. The GoFlex Net is only $99 and is great for anyone who wants access their data anywhere.

Full Review

seagate goflex net pogoplug Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Net Review

The SeaGate GoFlex Net uses the award winning Pogo Plug online software to manage and retrieve files on your hard drive/s. If you already have a Pogo Plug, all you have to do is connect the GoFlex Net to your account, the hard drives just sit right by the ones on the Pogo Plug. Here is our review of the Pogo Plug if you’re more interested in the Pogo Pug software.

To setup the GoFlex Net, all you have to go to is a simple URL and setup and account and then it’s ready for action. The setup process is extremely simple and can be done by even the most novice computer users. You can also access the files on your GoFlex Net using your iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone thanks to the Pogo Plug applications for these phones.

goflex 3 Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Net Review

For $99, the connectivity on the GoFlex Net isn’t that great compared to the Pogo Plug, but it does house 2 GoFlex hard drives on the top. It also has one USB port on the back for other external hard drives that aren’t GoFlex drives. That’s 3 connectivity options for hard drives which is one less than the Pogo Plug. It has one Ethernet port and the power port on the back which are both necessary for the GoFlex Net to work.

On the front, the GoFlex Net has two LED gauge meters which light up only when a GoFlex drive is inserted. This is useful if you keep your GoFlex drive on your desk. The design is great through the GoFlex Net which suits the style of the GoFlex system. The Net is very small considering it packs so may features which conserves desk space.

P5030466 Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Net Review

The bottom line is, if you have a Seagate GoFlex ultra-portable hard drive, the GoFlex Net is probably worth buying. The design, usability and features of this product are great and is a good value for the cost. The GoFlex Net is available on Amazon for $99. It keeps the good name of the GoFlex system but it’s not for everyone.