Apple’s Earnings Much Better Than We Anticipated

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I know you all were expecting an OSX Lion review. Well, do not worry that will come later. On Tuesday, Apple held a meeting discussing there new quarter earnings. Now, I know this news is two days old, but its very incredible. Apple absolutely blew the doors off with their new earnings. Apple had a 124 percent year-on-year sales increase according to the IBTimes. The main player in the meeting, was CFO of Apple Peter Oppenheimer. He said that the iPad 2 absolutely cannibalized the Mac along with destroying PC (Microsoft Computer’s) sales. I now see why Apple would want to add some iOS technology to OSX Lion, so both products get a fair share. Oppenheimer also announced that day that Lion would be coming out on Wednesday and that iOS 5 would be coming “later this Fall.” I am not surprised Apple is at this position. They are, indeed, a very successful tech company. However, bad news leaked later that day concerning about a Steve Jobs replacement. That took a hit at Apples stock.

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Source: IBTimes

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