iOS 5: Whats New?

iOS 5 officially arrived last Wednesday to the iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3rd Gen, and the iPod 4th Gen! In this case, I have a hand-me-down iPod Touch 3rd Gen from my brother. Upgrading to the new iOS wasn’t hard, however due to the fact that so many people were downloading it, I ran into some problems installing the upgrade. Above are some screenshots of iOS 5 in action.

I thought it would be nicer to show you the new, cool features, of iOS 5 through pictures instead of writing. To download the new iOS 5, you need to update your iTunes to 10.5, plug your iOS device into your computer, and update. Depending on your internet connection, the update might be fast or slow due to how many megabytes it is.

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