Rumor: Next iPhone to have LTE and a Smaller Dock Connector

After Apple’s big iPad release, you all probably knew this was coming. I mean, what other Apple rumors were you expecting? features performance graphics 565x226 Rumor: Next iPhone to have LTE and a Smaller Dock Connector Anyways, new rumors came out today via CNET. Of course, the obvious one, the next iPhone is going to have true 4G; LTE. Now, don’t get me wrong everyone knew about this one, it doesn’t surprise me at all. The last iPhone and iPad did not include 4G LTE and now the new iPad does. However, no iPhone announcements yet. The next rumor that no one would’ve guessed is a smaller dock connector. You all are probably asking yourself, “What is the significance of a small dock connector.” Well, I will be glad enough to answer that question. The reason why the current iPod connectors are so small is because they are very thin. The signs of this rumor point too a MUCH thinner iPhone. However, how thin can you get? I will be overall impressed if Apple makes a much thinner and faster phone compared to what it already has. However, due to the fact that 4G requires more battery life, therefore a larger battery, therefore more weight, I doubt this one is true but I will be overall surprised if it is. So readers, what are your overall thoughts about this? Please let me, and the rest of the OTN crew know in the comments below! [CNET] [Image]

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