Facebook Testing Out Charging $1 For Sending Messages to Strangers

Facebook logo with money Facebook Testing Out Charging $1 For Sending Messages to Strangers

Last Thursday, Facebook announced that they are testing out a brand new feature with their messaging service. Facebook is testing out a feature that will charge you $1 if you send messages to people that are not in your Facebook contacts. As of now, this new feature is only available in the United States and is still in testing stages. Facebook, because they are Facebook, says the $1 fee per message might stay for long and they plan to tinker with it as time goes on. The whole point of this new feature, is mainly to prevent unwanted people who are not “friends” with you from contacting you. It is also for economics, as Facebook is exploring more ways to monetize its 1 billion monthly users. The announcement of this features comes several weeks after Facebook came out with an option to pay for your post to be more visible on your friends feeds. This announcement has not been well received by many users who happen to send messages to people they are not friends with. Many users are thinking that this move by Facebook was more financially motivated than about actually protecting users from potential spammers. What are your thoughts on this move by Facebook? Will this make you leave Facebook? Leave a comment below!


Source: Wall Street Journal

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I think charging 1 dollar for every message is too expensive. They should lower this fee or people may just other means of communication to send messages who aren't in their contacts list.