Think Everyone Wants an iPhone 5? Think Again

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Sure, news has now been spreading around cybertown that demands for Apple’s iPhone 5 are falling. This may be true to some point – mainly because some Apple fans are smart enough to wait for the later iteration of Apple’s “insanely great” phone; may also be untrue  as there is also this one article discussing about how the iPhone 5 is a “not-so-cool-anymore” smartphone according to teenagers, but we all know this could be just too incredible to believe.

But there is one question to ask Apple fans, including myself: Does everyone really want an iPhone 5?

If you are like me, as a personal preference I don’t really need to jump from the iPhone 4S to its younger brother. A colleague of mine owns an iPhone 4, but he doesn’t really plan to upgrade either. Maybe if I owned a really old phone – the first iPhone, perhaps?  Or even if I had an iPhone 3G. I wouldn’t even tolerate a 3GS, in my humble opinion.

But there’s a different story for everyone. Take freelance journalist Peter Falck for a good example. As reported from The Unofficial Apple Weblog, this guy displays one unique kind of loyalty to Apple. He owns an iPhone 3G, which he obtained way back in January 2009. Yes – with an officially a four-year-old smartphone, Falck says he still loves the very same features Jobs boasted off about back in 2009. These days, those kind of phones would have already been damaged. In other cases, not even the newest smartphones are given the proper treatment that they deserve – take some of the craziest experiments done by teenagers on the iPhone 5, as seen on YouTube.

There are actually a few advantages to the iPhone 3G, even against today’s standards. Some of these are as follows:

The curved plastic back. According to Falck, this ergonomic quality gives off that ease of holding the 3G, as compared to recent improvements in aesthetics of the iPhone 4 up to the 5. The old, smoothly rounded design feels easier and friendlier to the hand. Sure it’s fatter, but fat can be sexy, too.

Slow can be good, too. As a writer, Falck says that the slow speed of his phone forces him to write slowly. He also tends to be careful with his choice of words, thanks to this uncanny feature. But this can be a double-edged sword; Falck shares that this also slows down his train of thought, which results to some ideas lost in the process.

Web and Media content is still there. While the lack of compatible apps due to updates can be a nuisance to using such an old device, Falck is still happy with the things he can do with his 3G – IP Telephony and eMail. Besides, it can still play videos nicely.

Well, I’d give him a good two thumbs up for that.

Anyone else sharing the same philosophy as Falck? Feel free to tell us about it below in your comments.

 Think Everyone Wants an iPhone 5? Think Again

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