The Cheapest Quad-Core Android Tablets You Can Buy – 7 and 10 Inches!

cherry mobile fusion bolt1 320x180 The Cheapest Quad Core Android Tablets You Can Buy   7 and 10 Inches!

The Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt

The Cheapest Hi-Res Quad-Core Tablet you CAN’T Buy!


The verdict is in, the cheapest high-res quad-core tablet around is the 7 inch Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt. At $99, it’s half the price of the Nexus 7. Unfortunately, it’s only sold in the Philippines. Since it’s not made in China it’s not available in all the usual places. So since this neat little tablet is out of bounds, let’s look at a the cheapest quad-core tablets you can get your hands on.

Ainol NOVO7 Crystal

Ainol NOVO7 Crystal ATM7029 Quad core 1GB 8GB Android 4 0 HDMI Front camera 7 inch Capacitive Tablet PC Black 63498609074192875011 320x320 The Cheapest Quad Core Android Tablets You Can Buy   7 and 10 Inches!First, we’ll look at the rock-bottom priced 7 inch tablet. The Ainol NOVO7 Crystal is unremarkable beyond the CPU and the price. On the downside, there’s  only a single front facing 0.3mp camera.There’s no Bluetooth, no GPS, and the battery will only last 6 hours at most.

On the plus side, it runs the Actions ATM7029 Cortex-A9 quad-core 1.5GHz. However, some report that it’s actually using a modified and improved A5, rather than an actual A9 CPU. In any case, apps and process that can take advantage of the quad core should run faster. It’s running Android 4.0 and has 8GB of internal memory. There’s obviously WiFi, and you get the big brand feature of 1080p HDMI TV-out. 3D games are supported and some should play well as the device has a 3D accelerator, but don’t expect to play Need for Speed without lag.

At $116.99, this tablet comes in less than $20 more than the Bolt. The Bolt does have a rear camera (though only a 2MP one). Both devices use the same processor, except that the Ainol claims it’s runs as 1.5GHz while the Bolt runs at 1.0GHz. The Bolt runs the slightly improved Android 4.1. The better processor on the Ainol might make it worth the extra cash, as the missing features aren’t worth that much. With free shipping, it certainly going to cost you less than a trip to the Philippines. The biggest downside is going to be that the Ainol Novo7 Crystal isn’t actually available yet, and won’t be until April 1st, but you can pre-order it now. Prices may rise once it is released, but right now it’s the cheapest quad-core tablet with a 7 inch screen around.


Ramos W27Pro

Ramos W27Pro Android 4 1 ATM7029 Quad core 1GB 16GB 10 1 inch Capacitive Tablet PC with WiFi Front camera Silver 634983547993466250111 e1363367920488 512x322 The Cheapest Quad Core Android Tablets You Can Buy   7 and 10 Inches!As long as we’re looking at cheap quad-cores, let’s take a look at the cheapest 10 incher as well. The Ramos W27Pro has nearly the same features and processor as the Ainol Novo7. The only upgrade is that it runs Android 4.1 and has twice the internal memory, and the downgrade is that it lack TV-out. Also the battery may run up to 7 hours. But if you want the cheapest quad-core tablet, this one goes for only $158.99 with free shipping.


If you’re into intense 3D games, these tablets may not be for you, but if you just want a quick tablet to play around with these are your cheapest choices. On the whole, they’re not bad for the price. The Ainol is significantly cheaper than it’s nearest rival, and the Ramos is less then half the price of the Nexus 10. Another good thing about them is that both Ainol and Ramos have a wide following, so you should be able to find support communities online. You’ll be able to root them and maybe even upgrade to the latest versions of Android.

If you have either of these, or the Fusion Bolt, tell us how you like them.

 The Cheapest Quad Core Android Tablets You Can Buy   7 and 10 Inches!