Ratchet And Clank Return In: Ratchet And Clank Into The Nexus

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This week Playstation 3 owners were given a real treat. Sony teased the reveal of a new game, posting images of purple light and darkness with the words “When Worlds Collide Heroes Return”. Obviously the internet went crazy with specualtion over what this could mean, and most people managed to gues correctly in that a classic Playstation franchise was getting a new release.

Sony finally spilled the beans via a trailer for the new game, which looks abseloutely amazing, and also told the world the title of the new game, Ratchet And Clank Into The Nexus. In classic Ratchet And Clank style the title tells us abseloutely nothing about the game other than there’s probably some sort of nexus in it that Ratchet and Clank will travel through. However, if we look into the trailer and the promotional images for the game posted prior to announcement we can come to some conclusions about what might be in the game.

The words, “when worlds collide heroes return”, are fairly ominous, but there is something we can take from this. In A Crack In Time, Clank discovered he was the controller of all time at the centre of the universe, and Ratchet almost brought back the Lombaxes. What if somehow, all that messing around with the time-space continuum managed to create an alternate reality where Ratchet and Clank either never existed or were defeated by a previous enemy? This would make sense in terms of two worlds (universes) colliding, and heroes subsequently returning to somewhere versions of them have previously disappeared for whatever reason.

Drawing on the trailer we can see a couple of people who might be the main villain. One is a gaint space monkey leading a fleet of heavily armed ships towards Ratchet and Clank’s location, the other is a girl trapped in some kind of sphere and surrounded by power. The girl seems to have the ability to see Ratchet and Clank but not clearly, as she thinks Ratchet was too scared to bring back the Lombaxes, when in fact he chose not to bring them back to stop the universe ending in war. Maybe this girl is from another universe, maybe she’s a Lombax, and maybe she wants to get back at Ratchet for not bringing back their species.

Whatever the main plot of the game is, we can certainly see the series has lost no humour. Guns are as wild and mad in design as ever, with one even turning enemies into full snowmen to be beaten and melted. New mechanics such as zero gravity will feature in the game, as well as new friends who may or may not be alternate-universe versions of characters we already know and love. Only time will tell exactly what’s in store for Ratchet and Clank in their latest adventure, but one thing is for certain, the core gameplay, and therefore the essence of the series and Playstation itself, is back.

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