Apple Announces iPhone 5S and 5C

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Apple has announced the next generations of iPhone and they come in two flavors now. The iPhone 5S is essentially the next generation, top-of-the-line iPhone model, and the iPhone 5C is the entry level, budget model. Here’s a roundup of all of the interesting details of both.

First, the iPhone 5S. As with previous “S” generation iPhones, the external form factor is essentially the same as the iPhone 5, though Apple has changed the color naming scheme for some reason and added a gold colored variant. So, while all of your existing cases and other iphone 5 compatible accessories will still fit this new model, it is what you do not see that makes the 5S exciting. The internals have been significantly upgraded, reportedly delivering twice the speed and performance of previous models and slightly longer battery life. The iPhone 5S also sports two processors, one of which will handle motion action processing and is touted as opening a new world of possibilities for motion-based applications while the other will handle the phones primary functions.

Also new and drool-worthy are the new fingerprint scanner home button and improved flash. The fingerprint scanner will add a new layer of protection using biometric security to prevent unauthorized access to the phone that a numeric passcode simply cannot provide. The new flash has two bulbs, one white and one amber, providing more natural lighting that the phone can automatically adjust for optimal performance in various conditions.

The other interesting unveiling yesterday was Apple’s new entry level iPhone, the 5C. The iPhone 5C is, basically, the guts of the iPhone 5 (with a few small improvements), stuffed into a new plastic shell. The 5C comes in a variety of bright colors and starts at a price of just $100 with a service contract. Apparently the 5C will fill the spot that the 5 would have otherwise filled as the last generation model. It seems Apple’s new strategy will be to cease to offer previous models for sale when the C line begins, offering instead the flagship iPhone and separately the C model with the internals of the previous generation at a cheaper price and form factor.

Also announced is the release of iOS 7, which will be available September 18.

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 Apple Announces iPhone 5S and 5C

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