Shake App Turns Everyone into a Transactional Attorney

Shake App Legal

Start-ups and small business people of the world rejoice: you no longer have to run up huge attorney fees or worry about having crappy contracts. A new smartphone application called Shake puts a transactional attorney in the palm of your hand. And, best of all, it is currently free. Read more »

Android Users Twice As Likely to Receive Malware Than Six Months Ago

This is not good news, especially if your an Android users like me. According to the security firm Lookout, your 2.5 times more likely to encounter malware on your device compared to SIX MONTHS AGO! The image that is provided in this post just shows how much the growth is. Anyways, Lookout provides two applications for Android devices. Both are the same except one is free and the other costs money for extra features. The company is also a big player in security for mobile devices other than Android. Malware is not familiar to Android. In fact, Android phones are the ones who have received the most malware. Part of this reason is apps coming into the Android Market that are malware. Google doesn’t moderate the Android Market very well and doesn’t accept apps for approval unlike Apple, making the Android Market a more dangerous place to download apps. So, if you have an Android device, download Lookout Mobile Security. I have it and it is one of the best security apps to date! Finally, for Android users, be careful and be safe! Source: CNET Image Source: CNET and Lookout Read more »

Official Amazon App now in the Windows Phone Marketplace

If you own a Windows Phone, you’ve probably been asking yourself “When is that darn Amazon app coming out?”. Maybe not, but the official Amazon app is now live in the Marketplace. It’s free, and really takes advantage of Windows Phone’s panorama control. I don’t have a link, but if you search Amazon in Zune, then you’ll see the app. Here is the description of the app: Designed for Windows Phone Swipe left or right to slide between product details, reviews,related items and more. Fast Quickly search millions of products In more than 40 product categories. Convenient Take advantage 1-Click ordering. Prime member support Wish Lists,package tracking and more. Secure All purchases are routed to Amazon’s secure servers.   Read more »

A quick look at Barrel, one of Cydia’s coolest packages

  If your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad is jailbroken, you may already know about Barrel. However, people who haven’t heard of Barrel should read the rest of this post on one of my personal favorite Cydia packages, Barrel. With Barrel, you can animate the transitions between pages on your iOS device. Some of the effects given are really cool!   Barrel options are accessed easily through the settings menu and allows for really cool page animations. It costs $2.99 in the Cydia store and is highly recommended by myself, along with Cydia users all over the world. Read more »

BringCast Now in the WP7 Marketplace!

Well after months of coding, BringCast if finally here. You might remember the video we did on this Windows Phone app a while back but the full version is now available in the WP7 App Store for $1.99. For those of you that don’t know, BringCast is a podcatcher for Windows Phone 7 that allows you to download podcast and listen/watch them right on your phone. To buy it just go here. For more information on BringCast, go to A full video review of BringCast will be coming soon so keep an eye on the site for more info. Read more »

Hulu Plus Coming to Android

We have some news fresh out of the CES oven; Hulu plus is coming to Android. Samsung CEO Jason Kilar showed of Hulu Plus running on a Galaxy S smartphone. He didn’t mention a release date but we can guess that it’s coming soon. The app is looking nice so we’ll keep you updated on the release date. Read more »

I am Rich App Now on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace for $499

Remember that $999 on the Apple App Store a few years back? Well a similar app is now on the Windows Phone 7 app marketplace. It costs $499, which is $500 cheaper than the App Store Version. Like the original, it’s only a matter of time before this app gets pulled. Here is the complete description: The I AM RICH application is meant only for those who are rich or anyone else that can afford excellence. Showoff to your friends and be as arrogant as you want by creating your very own I AM RICH message. If you are rich then buy this application and show everyone your RICH status by pinning the application to your start menu and showing them your personalized I AM RICH message. Read more »

Official Google Voice App for iPhone Arrives

Google Voice for iPhone is back and it’s better than ever. You know why? It’s free! Push notifications for texts and voicemails, a slick mobile interface, and pure, speedy simplicity. Fantastic. Available in the app store right now, Google Voice for iPhone is a must. Download it today for no cost at all! Hurray! iTunes Link: Read more »