The Hardware Difference in the Verizon and AT&T iPhone Bumper Case Revealed

A reader of Engadget recently went to the Apple Store and picked up one the new iPhone bumper cases (for the Verizon iPhone). Apple are selling this case as the “universal iPhone Case”. The only real difference is that the mute bottom takes up a little more space. So if you’re moving over to Verizon, you may want to sell your old case before making the jump. Read more »

Gelaskins Review

Gelaskins Review "This product is just as good as the other "skins" and is made out of the same material. It is hassle free when you put the skin on the device and the "pubbles" dissapear almost instantly. These are great skins and I recommend them to anyone who likes art. We give them a 9/10 because it’s just missing that last bit of protection. This doesn’t subtract from the awesomeness of the Gelaskins though" Links from the video: OmniTechNews Links: Read more »

GoGo USA Tattoo iPod Touch 2G Case Review

GoGo USA Tattoo iPod Touch 2G Case Review – "The line of iPod Touch 2G Tattoo cases made by GoGo USA are unique and offer great protection. They fit on an iPod Touch whether it is naked or has a skin on the back. The reason why it is not a full 10/10 but a 9/10 is because on the top and bottom there is a lot of bezel exposed. The line of GoGo case are awesome and I would recommend any of them. Get them now at" Read more »