The Microsoft Store Now Offering The Dell Inspiron Duo for $399

The Dell Inspiron Duo is an interesting little netbook/tablet, but most people say it’s too expensive or slow. The “slate” function isn’t the best we’ve seen in a tablet, but with it’s new price tag it might just get a little more tempting to some. The total price cut on the Microsoft Store is 27% ($150). The Duo still packs the same specs; a dual-core Atom N550 processor, 2GB of RAM and a 320GB hard-drive, and a rotating display. The “premium” upgrade to the netbook has been slashed down to $99 bring the total to $498. Go here to buy the Inspiron Duo from the Microsoft Store. Read more »

16GB Dell Venue Pro Briefly Shows up On for Order

If you were paying attention to the Dell Venue Pro page on the Dell website you may have noticed that it was available to order for a brief period of time. The Dell Venue Pro (previously the Lightning) is one of the most anticipated Windows Phones. It cost $149.99 on contract which is quite good considering the HD7 (also on TMobile) is $199.99. For now we would recommend keeping an eye on Dell website if you’re trying to snag one of these bad boys. Read more »