Sony Introduces VAIO L Series All-in-One Desktop

Sony just expanded their army of all-in-ones with the L series. This new desktop packs a 24inch HD touchscreen display, up to 8GB of ram, dual 5.5W speakers, HD webcam, a GeForce GT 540M graphics card and a 1TB hard drive. Most interestingly, the new L series has Bluetooth 3.0, and two USB 3 ports. Right now, the VAIO L doesn’t have a confirmed price, but we should be seeing it pop up around May. Something cool about this new computer is the bezel touch: "Touching the VAIO logo in the top corner of the bezel launches Media Gallery – the intuitive way to browse and enjoy your collection of photos, videos and music. Other touch-sensitive regions of the bezel let you navigate or zoom documents and web pages, flick between on-screen windows, launch an on-screen ‘virtual’ keyboard or view a handy operation guide. There’s also an illuminated Sony logo on the bezel that dims at a touch for comfortable viewing in darkened rooms". Read more »