Minecraft 1.5 Update to Arrive in January 2013 for PC and Mac Users


  For all of you Minecraft fans, some good news! Minecraft 1.5, the successor to Minecraft 1.4 will be arriving in January 2013. The new update brings many new things, however, this update is being called “The Redstone Update.” So if you are a Redstone geek, you will be in love with the new capabilities brought to the table courtesy of Jens (Jeb) Bergensten and the Mojang team. The Mojang team is giving Redstone something called an “analogue” which is the signal strength of the Redstone. Mojang also added a new block called a capacitor. The block is similar to a repeater, with one input and one output. However, the block will only work when its input is totally full. They can be configured by players to figure out how much they need to  input to make the output work. That will not be the only thing getting an update. A much needed update to Minecarts is also arriving as well. New features such as transporting pigs, emptying and reloading chests, along with the ability to link Minecarts to one another and furnace carts pulling one another. Another thing coming in as well is known as a daylight detector, which will work with the Redstone capacitors. A neat little thing that will also arrive is fireworks for New Years Eve and a new Nether ore. Rumored features that might be added include: A different, good looking dimension after killing the final boss Pigs might have the ability to carry bags Possibly a new combat system Some snow biome updates For those with different machines, a client which is newer and faster Some lighting bug fixes around trees Overall, despite being a delayed Minecraft update, it looks very promising. Like so many of the other Minecraft updates that have arrived in the past, this one is one that is desperatly needed for those who are into making sweet mechanical Minecraft creations out of Redstone. The new update is expected to be released in January of 2013. No specific day of January 2013 has been released. What do you all think about this update? What creations will you make with the new Redstone capacitor? Leave a comment below! Sources: TechSpot, GameSpot Image Source: The Minecraft Application Read more »

HP Kills WebOS and Decides to Stick with PC’s

For all of those people who just bought a WebOS product from Hewlett-Packard (HP) you are in for some very unfortunate news regarding your product. Due to weakening sails, HP has discontinued their WebOS products like the Palm phone and the Touchpad. It seems like only yesterday they bought Palm and released the Touchpad. This decision was made due to low sales and probably some iOS envy. After that was made, HP then announced they are going to buy Autonomy for an estimated $10 billion. HP made this move because they decided rather than focusing on other devices, they just want to be PC only. That is right, PC ONLY! This sets HP up in a bad position against all of its rivals. Tablet, phones, and PC makers all are competitors to HP. With HP out of the tablet and phone business, I do not know how those brand new Q4 2011 and Q1 2012 earnings will look along with surviving in the market. What do you think? Leave a comment below! Source: CNET Image Source: CameraPhonesPlaza Read more »

Build a Gaming/Video Editing PC for $1200 2010

My old computer died on me a few months ago and I decided it was time to build a new one. I wanted a PC that would be awesome for gaming, and video editing for OmniTechNews. The challenge for me, was the $1200 budget. Today on OmniTechNews, I’m going to teach you how to build an awesome gaming/video editing PC for only $1200. The Case In my opinion, the case is the most important thing when building your first gaming PC. Having a good case will help out when you upgrade you PC in the future. We’re on a budget of a $1200, so we’re going with the Cooler Master 922M which costs $90 on Amazon. This case is spacious enough to accommodate a high end GPU (graphics card) and it also has some nice cable management. The case is quite heavy and doesn’t have many front ports but other than that, this is a nice case for a low price. The Motherboard The motherboard is arguably the most important component of a new PC but on our budget, we can’t splash out. Our motherboard, the Gigabyte LGA1366 SATA3 ATI CrossFireX ATX Motherboard (quite a mouthful) does just fine. It has USB 3 and and is very durable. It also supports Intel’s new 32nm CPUs which is useful when you come to upgrading. At $200 on Amazon, it’s quite a purchase but it will be VERY useful to have this when you come to upgrading your PC. The CPU The one thing that we are not sacrificing on in terms on performance is the CPU. We are going with a quad core i7 at 3.06gz. There are 4 physical cores but with hyper threading, you get 8 useable cores. This is going to help out considerably during those 1080p edits and intense firefights. The Intel Core i7 950 costs $289 on Amazon. RAM and PSU The RAM (Corsair 6GB DDR3) and PSU (Corsair TX750w) are nothing special but do just fine for what we need them for. The PSU will power our graphics cards just fine and the RAM will be enough for some high end video editing. The RAM costs $85 on Amazon while the PSU costs $110 on Amazon. Hard Drive and Video Card The hard drive is a simple 1tb Seagate Barracuda drive which if you have the extra $50, I recommend getting another one and putting them in RAID. Since we can’t go with the GTX 470, we’re going with the GTX 460 which will do a great job for gaming, and video editing. The GTX 460 costs $170 on Amazon while the Seagate 1tb Barracuda hard drive costs $57 on Amazon. For our DVD drive we will be using a Lite-On LightScribe 24X drive which costs $26 on Amazon. Building the PC So start off by putting in your motherboard into your case. Make sure you have taken both panels off your case. Make sure you align the ports with the case’s chassis and screw […] Read more »

Kinect for PC?

GamePrix, a Korean game development company has brought up the possibility of Kinect for PCs in an official form. Their latest game, Divine Souls, will support Kinect. The representative who spoke at their conference today, Jason Lim, said that Kinect will soon be available as a PC controller. While OTN along with other blogs are still quite skeptical, you’ve got to admit that this is a possibility, and an awesome one at that. We’ll keep you updated just in case Microsoft suddenly announces Kinect for Windows or something. Read more »