Copperhead Revealed As One Of The Core Villains In Batman Arkham Origins

batman arkham origins copperhead

This week we’ve been really spoilt in terms of Batman information. Not only have we seen a new trailer for the upcoming prequel to the Arkham games, but we now also know the identity of the third assassins who’s out for Batman’s blood on Christmas Eve, Copperhead. This iteration of Copperhead is apparently taken from The New 52, a re-launch of 52 DC Comic series to bring them up to date, and she’s just the right amount of deadly with no snake costume to be seen, perfect. In the trailer we see a breif overview of Batman’s first encounter with copperhead, she’s slick and snake-like in terms of movement, but instead of crushing victims with a tail, she snakes around them like, well a snake, looking for a weak spot in their defense until she finds it, and exploits it. For Batman this weak spot appeared to be his cheek, allowing Copperhead to scratch him with some nasty looking claws, getting some kind of venom into his blood in the process. Hopefully this won’t be a repeat of the drive Batman had in Arkham City to discover a cure for himself, and instead it’ll be a way for Copperhead to move him to a different location, possibly a battle arena where she wants to kill him in private. Another point of interest in the trailer is when Batman is looking up Copperhead in the Batcave’s database, discovering that there’s abseloutely nothing there about her being a woman. It looks as though the game seeks to combine the original, snake outfit wearing Copperhead, with the new, acrobatic in a really dangerous way and also phsycotic lady Copperhead. It’ll be interesting to see the boss fight between Copperhead and Batman, as she doesn’t look like she’ll fall for the same trick twice. I’m hoping for a mix up of the Harley Quinn takedown room at the end of Arkham City’s DLC, and the boss fight against Mr. Freeze. As has always been the case with the Arkham games, the villains currently shown are all fan favourites, but they’ve never featured in the movies or had any real coverage outside of the odd comic they were in, with the possible exception of Copperhead. As more and more of this game is revealed it looks increasingly better than Batman Arkham City, a wider map to explore, more side missions, more villains, more gadgets, but will this break the flow of the games? After all, Arkham Origins is supposed to be a prequel, not a sequel, and while it’s easy to follow that the city hadn’t flooded by this point, and Batman used a different set of gadgets for the other games, he can’t be a better fighter than he was in either of them. Hopefully these villains will gain the upperhand on Batman, forcing him to learn how to be better at stopping these criminals, whislt also sticking to his morals, though they also seem to be a bit lacking in this game as […] Read more »

Sony ready for the PlayStation 4?

Will we be finally seeing a Sony PlayStation 4? Image credits to

  And then, the gamers just went crazy. Just recently, a video teaser showing off 3D animations of four basic shapes that every gamer of every generation will be definitely familiar of – consisting of the triangle, circle, square and the cross mark – in a somewhat high-tech, aqua-fied, and not to mention a revamped look of the colored shapes, has been released by Sony and is continuing to spread all over the web. And not just the awesomely animated shapes – towards the end, the video showed the PS logo of the console that you would pretty much think about when you see those four shapes, and just below it, the date that every gamer of every generation should not miss: February 20, 2013. Read more »

Call of Duty®: Black Ops II to Deliver In-Game Live Streaming to YouTube


  In a press release by Activision, the upcoming new game “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” is expected to get a “live streaming to YouTube” feature. According to a statement made by the company, “A verified YouTube account is required to live stream.  A valid Call of Duty Elite registration is necessary to view the streams and related information inside Call of Duty Elite.  Call of Duty: Black Ops II player live streams will be subject to limitations and restrictions.  Additional Call of Duty: Black Ops II live stream destinations will be announced in the future.“ Read more »