Android Users Twice As Likely to Receive Malware Than Six Months Ago

This is not good news, especially if your an Android users like me. According to the security firm Lookout, your 2.5 times more likely to encounter malware on your device compared to SIX MONTHS AGO! The image that is provided in this post just shows how much the growth is. Anyways, Lookout provides two applications for Android devices. Both are the same except one is free and the other costs money for extra features. The company is also a big player in security for mobile devices other than Android. Malware is not familiar to Android. In fact, Android phones are the ones who have received the most malware. Part of this reason is apps coming into the Android Market that are malware. Google doesn’t moderate the Android Market very well and doesn’t accept apps for approval unlike Apple, making the Android Market a more dangerous place to download apps. So, if you have an Android device, download Lookout Mobile Security. I have it and it is one of the best security apps to date! Finally, for Android users, be careful and be safe! Source: CNET Image Source: CNET and Lookout Read more »