Sony PS4 Revealed


The upcoming Sony PS4, teased on several occasions but never fully revealed, has finally made its first public appearance.  Not only have its looks been a big question for debate, but also its features and how it will compete with the Xbox One.  We finally have answers and it looks like Sony has a strong contender in the next generation gaming console race. Read more »

Netflix for Wii will no longer require disc

People who use the Netflix Instant Streaming service on their Wii are in luck! So first of all, your streaming discs won’t work anymore. How do you get your Netflix goodness back? You’re going to need to download the Netflix application from the Wii Shop Channel. You’re also going to need to have one of the $8.99 a month subscriptions or higher. Like before though, you won’t be getting any HD streaming on your Wii. Nintendo has limited the Wii’s output to 480p so that’s what you’ll get when you’re streaming Netflix. However, it is nice to get rid of that clunky disc. Read more »

Wii Classic Controller Pro now available in the US

  Nintendo’s Wii Classic Controller Pro is now available in the US for $20. The controller was formerly available only in Japan. This new accessory from Nintendo is basically a revamped version of Sony’s DualShock controller; it includes double rows of shoulder buttons and two analog sticks. The Nintendo Wii Classic Controller Pro can be bought here: Read more »

Wii Classic Controller Pro coming in the Spring

Nintendo has just announced that the Wii Classic Controller Pro (which is already available in Japan and has been for some time now) will be coming to the United States in April. The device will need to be plugged into your Wii remote as opposed to being plugged into your Wii. The Wii Classic Controller Pro will cost $20 and will be available in black as well as white. Read more »

Netflix for Wii!

Well it’s about time! The Nintendo Wii is now able to stream Netflix videos like the Xbox 360 and PS3. The Wii will require a special Netflix “instant-streaming” disc in order to use this cool new feature. Unfortunately HD streaming is not supported seeing as the Wii can’t actually go any higher than 480p (might want to work on that, Nintendo). There won’t be any fees besides Netflix’s basic monthly subscription fee. Sign up and get an instant streaming disc here: Netflix sign-up page Read more »